Marathon Training: 10 Weeks to Go!


November 6, 2012 by Sarah

I just realized that the Disney World Marathon is a short 10 weeks away.  Yikes!  That means it is time to buckle down and talk strategy.

I have run 3 half marathons, 4 before the Disney marathon rolls around.  My first half marathon was the Philadelphia half marathon in 2011 (more about that soon!) and my goal was to finish.  I had a loose time goal in mind, but my overall goal was to finish and to finish strong.  I have similar goals for my first marathon – finish strong and have fun (it is Disney after all!).

So what do the next 10 weeks look like for me?  Training… training…. and more training.  Oh yeah, and Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  Just a few things to keep it exciting!
Below is my training plan.  My weekly goal mileage ranges from 25-35 miles over the next 10 weeks.  Honestly, I feel a little nauseas when I look at this…. it is going to be a lot of work.  But, I also feel excited and motivated to train hard and be smart about this race.

There are a few different workouts that I plan on doing every week.  Mark and I run with a running club in our neighborhood, so the “FRC” on the schedule stand for “Fairmount Running Club”.  It is a great group and they have workouts almost every day of the week – I typically workout with them on Tuesday Wednesday evenings.

On Tuesday nights, FRC meets at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to run the stairs and do various exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups… that kind of thing!).  It is very sweaty and a great way to build those leg muscles.  Plus, combining it with a short run there and a short run home makes it one fantastic workout.

This is where our Tuesday night workouts take place!

There is some variation in my weekly schedule to accommodate for holidays and travel for work, but in general I will be following this format:

Mondays – Strength training and cross training

Tuesdays – FRC stair workout

Wednesdays – 5 miles with FRC

Thursdays – 6-8 mile tempo run

Fridays – Strength training and cross training

Saturdays – Long Run!

Sundays – Rest

One thing that is really missing from this line up is yoga.   I will see what I can do to add that in because it is a very important part of training for any race distance for me.

You can see the mileage that I have planned for my long runs on my training schedule.  I used several different training plans (such as Hal Higdon’s training plans and Runner’s World Smart Coach) when putting together my schedule.  It was important to create a plan that works for me and Mark since we do most, if not all, of our long runs together.   For the most part, I am alternating “shorter” long runs and “longer” long runs to give my legs time to recover.

Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about creating your own training plans – I can discuss further!

Is anyone else training for the Disney Marathon series?  What do you think of my training plan – any comments or suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Marathon Training: 10 Weeks to Go!

  1. I would love to do a Disney Marathon sometime soon. Let us know how it goes and good luck with the rest of your training!

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