Marathon Training: 1 Week Down, 9 to go!

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November 12, 2012 by Sarah

Before I even begin to give a recap of my training last week, I’d like to clarify something… I am writing about the 10 weeks leading up to the marathon, but I did not just begin my training.  Please do not think this is a starting point.  Refer to the links posted here for a more comprehensive plan.

Okay, now for a recap of week 1!

Monday, 11/5: Circuit training and cross training (bike)

Tuesday, 11/6: Election night workout

I did modify this by doing fewer exercises each time, but it kept me moving.  Lots of burpees, squat jumps, jumping jacks, and crunches!

Wednesday, 11/7: Since it was a rainy day in Philadelphia, I ran at the gym.

5 miles – 45:45, 9:09 pace

I kept it interesting by alternating between a 6.5 pace (for half a mile) and a 6.8 pace (for a quarter mile) on the treadmill for most of the workout.

Thursday, 11/8: Mark and I had a goal of getting a 6-8 mile tempo run in after work and I was not sure the likelihood of that happening. We did it!

7 miles – 1:07:28, 9:38 pace

Friday, 11/9: SWOD and cross training (bike)

Saturday, 11/10: We had a goal to run 10 miles, but we ended up having a super busy day and that did not happen.  We were able to get a 6 mile run in before heading out to dinner, so at least that’s a plus.  6 miles is better than 0 miles!

6 miles – 59:10, 9:51 pace

Sunday, 11/11:  Rest days are important too… I spent the day walking around NYC aspiring to be a Rockette!

There were a few changes to my usual workout routine this week, but I made sure to keep moving.

Weekly mileage: 18 miles
Total mileage: 18 miles

Week 9, here we go!

Are you training for any races right now?  How is your training going?


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