A bit “off” recently…

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December 6, 2012 by Sarah

Things have been a bit crazy around the Green household which has resulted in zero blogging recently!  That needs to change!

So after Thanksgiving I came down with a terrible cold.  Like stayed home from work 2 days and felt sick all week type of cold.  Just as I started to feel better, Mark got sick (of course!).  On top of all that, our washing machine went crazy and we had a little bit of a flooding situation in our apartment.

I had this awful congestion that just would not go away, and so I didn’t work out for over a week.  I don’t think that is typically recommended when training for a marathon, but I knew I had to take care of myself and get healthy.

It makes me anxious that I missed a week+ of workouts and the 16 miler that I had scheduled for last weekend.  I am happy to say that I jumped right back into my workouts this week and I am going to tackle 16 miles this weekend. It will be marathon time before we know it, and I will do my best to get ready for it!

So on top of marathon training, it is December!  For us, that means our schedule is full of holiday plans and festivities.  I am excited to share with you how I am staying active and trying to make this month a tad bit healthier, and acknowledge those times when it doesn’t happen too.

Here is a quick snapshot of my workouts and meals for this week so far….

  • Workout: strength training, 30 minutes
  • Eats: baked ziti and green beans
  • Workout: run 5 miles (47:50, 9:33 pace)
  • Eats:  Trader Joe’s frozen pizza and salad
  • Workout:  circuit training and run 3 miles (28:15, 9:25 pace)
  • Eats:  work holiday party, so too much of everything… I did make sure to fill my plate with lots of veggies though!
  • Workout:  run 4 miles (37:41, 9:25 pace)
  • Eats (planned): pear quinoa salad… look for a recipe tomorrow!

How do you get back into your routine when unexpected things come your way?


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