January 5, 2013 by Sarah

It’s hard to believe the weekend is here already since I was only in the office for a few days this week, but I am not complaining!

After snoozing through my alarm for a good 30 minutes, I finally pulled myself out of bed and went to the gym. I go to a gym on a college campus, so the crowds fluctuate a bit with the academic calendar. I thought the gym would be quiet this morning since classes haven’t started yet, but I surprised to find the gym completely empty!

2013-01-04 07.32.16

Fine by me! It gave me plenty of space to get a good strength training workout in.

2013-01-04 07.32.31

  • Dumbbell shoulder press 4×6
  • Dumbbell chest flyes 3×8
  • Hex bar deadlift 4×6
  • Dumbbell rows 3×8
  • Single leg hip thrusters 3×12
  • Squats 3×20

After about 30 minutes of strength training, I hopped on the bike for 12 minutes of hills (2.12 miles). I would have liked to do a little bit longer on the bike, but I didn’t have time after sleeping in this morning!

  • Breakfast: peanut butter and jelly sandwich on my way to the gym
  • Lunch: leftover quinoa salad and an apple
  • Afternoon snack: Greek yogurt, baby carrots, and a Luna protein bar
  • Dinner: out for dinner
  • Late night eats: froyo… yum!

I am so excited to have a low key weekend after craziness of the holidays. I am hoping to relax, go for a run, and get a few details worked out for our trip to Disney next week. I can’t believe it is almost here! At this time next week I will be in Disney for the MARATHON! Eek… I’m anxious just thinking about it!

Any tips for the week leading up to a marathon (I’m a first-timer!)? What are your weekend plans?


One thought on “Friday…already?

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