1 Week Until the Disney Marathon!


January 6, 2013 by Sarah

The Disney World Marathon is a week away… I can’t believe it!!!

I did have to make a few modifications to my training plan between being sick and the craziness of the holidays.  I am feeling a little bit under-trained, but at this point, it is what it is.

Here is the mileage that I covered on my long runs, listed on the Sunday for each week.  I also included short/mid-distance runs, cross training, and strength training in my training plan throughout the week.

    • Oct 7: 11.5 mi
    • Oct 14: 14 mi
    • Oct 21: 12 mi
    • Oct 28: 10 mi
    • Nov 4: 15 mi
    • Nov 11: 6 mi
    • Nov 18: Philadelphia Half Marathon
    • Nov 25: 5 mi
    • Dec 2: 7.5 mi
    • Dec 9: 16 mi
    • Dec 15: 18 mi
    • Dec 23: 12 mi
    • Dec 30: 13 mi
    • Jan 6: 8 mi

You may notice that a 20 mile run is missing from my long runs recap…. yeah, I noticed that too.  I was beating myself up about not getting a 20 miler in and then I realized I had to stop, it wasn’t helping anything.  This is where I am and I am going to do my best.

This may sound pretty obvious, but marathon training is HARD!  Long runs live up to their name – they are long!  A lot of planning and dedication were required to get me ready for the race.  I pushed my limits and learned a lot about myself.

Although Mark is coming off an ankle injury, we were able to do most of our long runs together and I am really grateful for that.  There is no one else I would want by side for 26.2 miles and I can’t wait for us to cross that finish line together.

So… it’s 1 week til race day! My plan is to take this week to prepare – revisit my goals, think about my strategy, and take care of myself.  It’s here!  Time to get excited!

Have you ever run a marathon before?  Any advice?


3 thoughts on “1 Week Until the Disney Marathon!

  1. […] the Disney Marathon on Sunday, this week is not for trying any new workouts or doing anything crazy. This week is for maintaining […]

  2. I ran the Disney Half last year…have you done a Disney race before? What corral are you starting in? There will be so many people that you won’t be able to run very quickly at the beginning…don’t worry…they will soon move and you’ll be free to fly! It can be a little hilly at times (for Florida), but it’s a nice break from all the flat pavement. Best of luck to you!!! You are definitely capable of way more than you think!

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