Starting the week off right…

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January 7, 2013 by Sarah

Getting to the gym before work can be a challenge, especially on a Monday morning. Even though I don’t love getting up early, I do love starting my day off with a good workout. I decided to start my day at the gym and get this week off on the right foot.

With the Disney Marathon on Sunday, this week is not for trying any new workouts or doing anything crazy. This week is for maintaining fitness, staying active, and taking care of myself.

I did the same strength training workout as last week –

  • Dumbbell shoulder press 4×6
  • Dumbbell chest flys 3×8
  • Hex bar deadlift 4×6
  • Dumbbell rows 3×8
  • Hip thrusters with stability ball 3×12
  • Squats 3×20

I followed that up with 18 minutes on the bike.

This afternoon I went for a walk across campus to meet up with some old co-workers for coffee.  It was nice to get some extra activity in during the work day.

Here is what my meals looked like today:

  • Breakfast – Luna protein bar, banana, and coffee
  • Lunch – Leftover chicken tikka masala (recipe to come soon, I promise!) and a peach chocolate truffle
  • Afternoon snack – nonfat latte, 1 c diced cantaloupe
  • Dinner – taco salad with 4 oz of lean ground turkey, romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese, and salsa with tortilla chips and homemade guacamole.
  • Evening snack – 1/2 c vanilla frozen yogurt with sprinkles

Mark picked out these delicious multigrain tortilla chips from Snyder – they are delicious! The texture of these chips is great for dipping and I love the slightly nutty flavor they have.  Also, the ingredient list is full of items that I recognize and can pronounce – always a plus!


Also, I came home today to find a nice surprise from GymPact!  Thanks GymPact –  I love the slogan on the t-shirt and I can’t wait to use the water bottle!


Have you ever used GymPact?  I have been using GymPact for about a year now and I love it – it is a great way to stay motivated.  Look for more information about GymPact in the near future, but until then check out their website or follow them on twitter (@gympact).

I’m off to watch Biggest Loser! Enjoy your night!

How do you start your week off right? Have you ever used GymPact?


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