Injury Three Weeks before the Marathon!

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January 22, 2013 by Mark Green

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December 22 — Winter break just started and I would have 11 straight days to focus on marathon training. I decided to go for a nice 3-mile run before heading to our first Christmas celebration (yes — this year we had 5 Christmas dinners). About one-mile into the run, I felt a sudden sharp pain rise from the inner ball of my ankle up my calf. This was not “I’m feeling tight” but “Ouch! I’m in pain!” I told Sarah to continue on the run without me and walked back the mile back home.

The next few days I could barely walk without a noticeable limp. I had a decision to make — with the marathon 3 weeks out, how do I prepare?

**NOTE: I have no medical training. Please consult your physician or other medical professional if you have any questions regarding your health**

Doctor of Medicine

Are you injured or in pain?

If you are seriously injured, it is best to seek medical attention and see a doctor. If you are in pain, you can still workout to the best of your ability.

Here is how I overcame my injury and ran a marathon!

Rest – Allow for plenty of downtime, no matter how hard this task may be. Your end-goal is bigger than pushing yourself in workouts. Conventional wisdom seems to be that it’s better to go into a race undertrained, rather than over-trained.

Ice – Keep the swelling down and help get blood flow to the area.

exercise ballStretch – Find a few exercises that target the muscle/joint that is bothering you.

Cross-train – While running was not an option for me, I found other cardio options that did not bother the area. I found the stationary bike helpful.

Reevaluate – My goal of a sub 4:30 marathon was no longer realistic. Find out what is doable and readjust your goals.

My Result – No world records were set at Disney however, I finished 🙂 And for someone like myself, that’s what running is all about –overcoming challenges.

How do you overcome an injury close to race day?

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