Why We’re Asking the Wrong Question on How to Lose Weight


January 24, 2013 by Mark Green

Often times when I tell people the amount of weight I lost, their first question is – how did you do it?

I go into a long soliloquy about eating right and running. I would say it’s so easy anyone can do it. Here’s the equation:

Eat Less + Exercise More = Weight Loss

The problem is, it’s not that simple. Weight loss is not a math equation; it’s something more — but what?

Then I watched this video today:

It’s from TEDtalks, presented by Simon Sinek titled How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

At first I thought, this is a great way to become more passionate about my work and goals.

But then it hit me – it’s not until my how became a why that I was truly successful in losing weight. I found a purpose, not a plan.

When Sarah and I started to focus on our health, it was because we wanted to do it for each other. We found our ‘why.’

If you are thinking about making a change in your life, whether it is for weight loss, health benefits, finances or other goals. Think why I am doing this – once you figure that out, the how will be easy.


2 thoughts on “Why We’re Asking the Wrong Question on How to Lose Weight

  1. AmyS says:

    This is so true- everyone has their own motivations to lose weight or do anything. The tough part is finding that motivation!

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