Treadmill Tempo Run


January 25, 2013 by Sarah

When the temperature is below freezing, I workout inside. Sure, that may mean I’m not very “extreme” or whatever, but I’m okay with that.

I really wanted to run outside, but it was way too cold – the treadmill to the rescue!

I know a lot of people either love or hate the treadmill. I don’t fall into either boat – I’m just kinda eh about it, no strong feelings one way or another. Last night the treadmill was my friend and I was glad to be running inside.

My goal was to do a tempo run. I did a half mile warm up (at 6.0, 10:00 pace), 2.5 miles tempo (at 6.5, 9:13 pace), and finished with a half mile cool down. Recently I have been running anywhere between a 9:30-10:00 mile pace, so it felt great to push it a little bit.

Here is a recap of my meals and moves for yesterday…

  • Breakfast – 2 eggs with hot sauce and a banana oat bar
  • Lunch – salad with onion, tomato, and shredded mozzarella; celery and peanut butter
  • Mid-afternoon snack – peppermint stick Luna bar (my favorite!!!); an apple
  • Dinner – brussel sprout, sweet potato, chicken skillet (yum!!)
  • Late-night snack – hot chocolate, small piece of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate
20130125-063940.jpg Moves

3.5 mi tempo run (.5 mi warm up, 2.5 mi tempo, .5 mi cool down) – 32:55 – 9:24 overall pace

Overall, it was a pretty good day!

What did your meals and moves look like for today?


3 thoughts on “Treadmill Tempo Run

  1. I just wrote a post about my hate/hate relationship with the treadmill. I think doing a tempo run would make it more interesting, though … maybe I’ll try that!

  2. Oh, just saw your comment on my treadmill post, haha. Thanks!

  3. […] Thursday: 3.5 mi, tempo (0.5 mi warm-up, 2.5 mi @ 6.5, 0.5 cool-down); 32:55, 9:24 pace […]

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