Sick — When Should I Take a Rest Day?


January 29, 2013 by Mark Green

Yuck — one of the worst things for me is being sick. It means a day at the apartment with nothing to do other than watch episodes of Gossip Girl The Office on Netflix. This week I (Mark) was sick on Monday and Sarah was sick on Tuesday. Sorry Sarah!

One of the biggest questions I always have is, what to do about working out?

Here are some tips:

Home-Based Workouts Be respectful of your fellow gym-mates and do not spread your germs. Gyms are a breeding ground for these nasty diseases – sweaty equipment shared by everyone. Instead, create a home-based workout that you can do with the materials located in your household. Need an idea? Check out Nerd Fitness. Steve Kamb has great ideas for workouts that you can do with no gym equipment.

Take Time Off Sometimes what is best, is to do nothing! As difficult as this may be, we all need our rest from time-to-time. Being sick is a great time to rest up and get stronger in the long run. Enjoy that extra episode of The Office and skip your workout…this time!

When it’s in your head (sore throat, runny nose) go ahead; when it’s in your chest (chest cough, aches, chills) take a rest. Remember, determine what you can do and do your best!

What do you do when your sick? Any suggestions?


One thought on “Sick — When Should I Take a Rest Day?

  1. ahellams says:

    What I do and what I tell other people to do are usually very different. Unless I am throwing up, a rest day doesn’t happen; but if other people are sick I always advise rest…what a hypocrite I am!! I feel like most fitness freaks are that way though!
    Hope you guys feel better!

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