28 Day Blog Challenge

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February 9, 2013 by Sarah

I am participating in the 28 Day Blog Challenge that is being hosted by Katy Widrick. I have been thinking about what I want to do this month to improve and grow my blog. It is pretty easy to come up with things to work on since I am just getting started!

Below is my list of items that I will be tackling this month. It is based off the list of suggestions provided by the 28 Day Blog Challenge. This is going to be fun!


28 Suggestions:


  • Add/update categories
  • Update and enhance my About page
  • Update and enhance my Contact page
  • Add to my subscription options
  • Update and enhance my sharing options
  • Find your five most popular posts and edit for grammar, broken links, add new information/photos (BONUS: Do this for your 10 most popular posts)
  • Update my menus/navigation bar

Social Media

  • Update profile photo/avatar (BONUS: Do this on all platforms)
  • Update header (BONUS: Do this on all platforms)
  • Review and refresh bios, including URLS (BONUS: Do this on all platforms)
  • Review and refresh follows/friends
  • Create/edit lists (BONUS: Do this on all platforms)
  • Edit your sharing settings so that your Twitter and other handles are pre-populated (BONUS: consider adding a relevant hashtag)
  • Add/edit your Gravatar


  • Add/update your email signature to include blog URL and other platform links
  • Add a canned response (or more than one!) to address common questions you get
  • Create/edit your Google Reader folders for better organization
  • Create/edit your media kit (BONUS: Create/edit your cover letter)
  • Set up an email filter so all relevant emails go to a new inbox/group
  • Set up a new form or spreadsheet to take questions/feedback on your website
  • Design and print new business cards with your current information


  • Comment on five blog posts (from separate websites!)
  • Write a post that includes links to five other posts that you found interestesting
  • Offer five #FF (Follow Friday) suggestions on Twitter
  • Link to five of your favorite Facebook pages on FB
  • Find five local blogs
  • Find three relevant hashtags for your blog/interests and add them to your Tweetdeck or other social media listening station
  • Select your favorite blog and email the owner — tell him/her why you like it, what you admire most and offer some unsolicited POSITIVE comments

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